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Welcome and thank you for visiting our site! 

In the past, we have successfully created unique, delicious, products that our customers enjoyed.  However, as of now, we have
narrowed our focus solely to our popular "Create Your Own Candy Bar!" 

With "Create Your Own Candy Bar!," customers can choose a chocolate or vanilla candy bar and choose various toppings to put in it, creating their very own custom candy bar!  We will have it available for purchase shortly on this website.  "Create Your Own Candy Bar!" is also available for your next fundraiser.

We are also recruiting Independent Sales Champions for our "Create Your Own Candy Bar!" If this interests you, complete the contact form and we will send you more information.

Blessings & Prosperity,

E. V. Ward, B.A.
Von's Guilty Pleasure

Von's Guilty Pleasures Confectioneries is a subsidiary of iKair Productions, LLC. For more information on our other products and services, visit us at: www.ikair4u.com.

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